Meet our Students

We asked students to let us know why they believe CIS is right for them. Here’s what they said...


Many different things have drawn me to the Studio such as the international links and different languages available to learn there, the fact that it will only have a small amount of students compared to a college or high school sixth form, and it will help me achieve my future goals.

I am mostly excited about learning a new language (Mandarin) and receiving the help and support through coaching to reach my goals.

I have chosen to study English, Maths, Environmental Science, I.T., French and either Mandarin or Art.

After sixth form I really want to go to university to study more languages and possibly train to become a teacher.


Apart from the obvious amazing qualifications, it will let me further develop as a person alongside being able to have fantastic opportunities.

I am most excited about being able to learn in a new fresh environment and getting as many opportunities as I can from CIS.

As of right now I have opted for the IB Career Programme. But as there are so many wonderful subjects it’s difficult to decide, therefore I am in the process of deeply looking at every subject to get the most perfect ones for me that suit my skills.

When I leave Sixth Form I would like to be able to go to university and get a business related degree, after that I would love to join the RAF as a Logistics Officer or possibly a nutritional chef for the armed forces.

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I have enjoyed my high school experience and I wanted something new and exciting for my post GCSE studies. Whilst researching different colleges and sixth forms I found the Studio, I instantly thought, wow, this is amazing! The ethos and new, fresh, modern approach to education will completely re- invent the more traditional ‘A level’ studies.

I am so excited to move to the Studio and start in September 2017! However the thing that I am most excited for would have to be the way in which students and teachers will interact and consequently the ethos that the school will have and the general feel and running of day to day life. I think this will provide an atmosphere where both students and teachers will be happy and work to the fullest, therefore achieving the best they possibly can.

At the Studio I am really excited to study some new subjects like Spanish, which I will be taking at the Ab-initio level as I currently don’t study any MFL at GCSE. As well as this I will also be studying Maths, English, Environmental Science, History and Business Management.

After I leave the Studio I am hoping to work in the business sector and hopefully one day work within large charities to help maximise fundraising efforts, and really make a difference for children in the developing world.


I have gone down the route of the pre-set courses that CIS offers, and I will be studying enterprise and entrepreneurship. They also offer a choice of enhancement lessons to study which can benefit you for many reasons, meaning I can carry on with my photography which I have a passion for.

I not quite sure on what I want to do, as I still have the rest of Sixth Form to get a general perspective on what I like and what I am good at. I've always wanted to do something with marketing but we will see what the years to come offer.

The main reason I have been drawn to this new school is the new unique element of technology, the whole school is based around it. I am really excited to see what this can offer to individuals like myself that have an interest in business.

I am honestly looking forward to everything the studio has to offer, including meeting new people.