IB Career Programme

Years 12 - 13

If you are interested in taking a Level 3 Business Course in Sixth Form such as a BTEC in Entreprise and Entrepreneurship, Business and Marketing, Accountancy or a professional Finance qualification, you should also consider opting for the IBCP (International Baccalaureate Career Related Programme). The Career Programme combines a Business Qualification with a broad curriculum experience to increase your employability skills and prepare you for a life filled with global opportunities.

The IBCP framework combines your Business Qualification with three other elements:

Here at Christleton International Studio, we are proud to be a Candidate School to offer two International Baccalaureate Programmes and have the support of the IB Organization to pursue authorization in October 2016. Both of these internationally recognised programmes involve studying a range of subjects and carry competitively weighted UCAS points.

The International Baccalaureate Career Programme (IBCP)

This is ideal for students who wish to engage in career-related learning while gaining transferable and lifelong skills in applied knowledge, critical thinking, communication and cross-cultural engagement.

Students study at least two subjects from those shown in the Diploma table, alongside a career-related qualification.

The CP originated from an IB project that began in 2004 in Finland, which led the IB to develop and pilot this programme with IB World Schools authorized to deliver the Diploma Programme (DP). Following a review involving schools around the world, the IB’s fourth programme was launched in 2012 under its original name IB Career-related Certificate (IBCC).

In 2014, the CP (formerly named IBCC) was shortlisted for the prestigious World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) award which recognizes innovative international education projects that transform society.

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